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2022-05-04 10:16:52

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We invite you to discover How to get the triangular key, a new task in Bugsnax.

What to know about the triangular key in Bugsnax?

With the arrival of the recent DLC we have a new biome known as Nroken Tooth, which has 11 new species to catch and side missions, there is also an added secret area known as The Triplicate Space, here are some audio logs and puzzles to solve, only to get here we need to know how to get the triangular key and to help us we have to follow the instructions below.

How to get the triangle key in Bugsnax?

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While we are exploring we will see that there are some torches to light to access new areas of the new biome, the first one is close to the base camp with the growlers, you have to use a Trip Shot to light the others, at some point we will reach a cave in the that there are other torches to light, here we find Pielobite, there is also a closed door, which opens if we light all the torches in Bugsnax, we will reach a dead end corridor and here as for How to obtain the triangular key we will have solved this, we can then go to Boiling Bay where we are going to use it.

To go to said location we will open the map in the menu to choose the destination to which we will go, something that allows us to go quickly, being here walking from behind we will see that there is a ship that is broken in two, jumping we can use the platform to get there, it is necessary to place the launch platform as close as possible to the back of the ship, then walking forward we have to look down to see the entrance to The Triplicate Space, it is a free fall that instantly placed in this area.

This is all there is to know about How to get the triangular key, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it in Bugsnax.

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