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Angel Marquez
2020-11-19 16:29:55

More about: Bugsnax

Learn How to feed Gramble as this is a necessary task in Bugsnax.

What to know about Bugsnax?

It is an adventure that we will have on an island in order to discover a large number of bugs that are half food and half insects, considering that on the island of Snaktooth we are going to find more than 100 of these bugs, having some that appear In a certain climate, now there are many NPCs in the surroundings that we are going to have to feed and these end up transforming with the passage of time, but there is a character that rejects this system, this time we will see How to feed Gramble, one of the characters, Let's see the following content then.

How to feed Gramble in Bugsnax?

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Because this character is a sleepwalker, it is necessary that in order to feed him we wait for midnight, in our settlement it will look like this and it is possible to feed him to get a trophy, which allows progress, it is certainly important to note that Gramble is not up for it. agree to eat these critters, so their intention is that they are pets, which avoids having the option of feeding when approaching, but even if they do not want to feed in this way it is necessary to get the food frenzy trophy and Gramble transforms, the good thing is that because this is a sleepwalker he will not remember anything about what he will eat at night.

This is how we end our How to feed Gramble guide, hoping that you can get the best out of Bugsnax, a very busy game.

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