Angel Marquez
2020-11-19 08:17:33

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Discover in this guide How to Crack the code to advance in Bugsnax.

Why crack the code in Bugsnax?

It is a necessary search to obtain access to a hidden temple with Eggabell, this is given to us in Frosted Peak, taking into account that this mission consists of 4 stages and has its difficulty if we want to complete it, being necessary the return of the Grumpus to Snaxburg we only have Eggabell and Lizbert left, in the Frosted Peak biome we meet Eggabell and he will tell us where to go, taking us to the hidden door of the tempo and talking to her we have to start the mission that requires us to know how to decipher the code, to help us we can see the following content.
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How to crack the code in Bugsnax?

 It is necessary that with some NPC Grumpuses we get to talk, these are Triffany, Gramble, Cromdo, Wambus and Wiggle, which will lead us to get clues in the form of maps or keys that become of great importance to be able to complete the search, of otherwise it is not possible to do so and for this purpose we obtain the following:


  •  Lizbert's diary: this diary is found by Triffany giving it to us when we return to the city and when we interview the Gramble we will be able to get the key to open it.
  • The missing page: the interview with Cromdo gives us access to the map of Boiling Bay and go to the biome with it to find the page, this to the right of the peninsula we must be able to find it next to Floofty.
  • Liz's notes: with the interview with Wambus we get these, which we will have on the map of the mountain.
  • Wiggle: with the interview to this we get the map of Sugarpine Woods, with which we will get to the Daily Video 44 using it.


 When we complete the aforementioned tasks we will return with Eggabell to Frosted Peak, which now allows us to access the hidden temple to find Lizbert.

It is clear that knowing how to crack the code allows us to progress and have a lot of fun at Bugsnax.