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2020-11-13 08:26:17

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Guide to learn how to find cheese sauce for Shelda in Bugsnax

  In Bugsnax apart from having to find certain groceries they also ask you to get it for other characters that live on the Island, for example, Shelda is someone who only eats the popular cheese sauce so he will ask you to get it for him, and in This guide will tell you how to do this simple task so you don't waste any more time.

How to find cheese sauce for Shelda in Bugsnax?

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To Shelda's left is a large stone monument with its mouth open. Two cheese plants grow inside the mouth. Get out your scanner and look for them on the spot. When you find them, you can use your Snak Grappler to take them down. The Snak Grappler will clean the entire cheese plant of cheese sauce, knocking down five at a time. Hit them both, then go back to Shelda and give her whatever cheese sauce she wants.

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 Now that you know how to find Shelda cheese sauce in Bugsnax you will be able to keep not only Shelda but everyone who wishes this Bugsnax happy in the game. Luck!

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