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2020-11-13 07:58:59

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Guide to learn how to fast travel in Spider-Man Miles Morales

 When the map of a game turns out to be quite extensive, players often look for the fastest way to shorten the path and thus speed up the game. Luckily Spider-Man Miles Morales has a fast travel system that if you have played the previous versions of it will be very familiar to you, the only detail is that this system is not available at the beginning so you will have to complete certain missions to be able to unlock said method and in this we will talk about it.

How to fast travel in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

Fast travel is unlocked after completing the mission called "Harlem Train Out of Service". If you keep playing for a long time it is very likely that you will find yourself with the mission approximately two hours after starting the game. Focusing on the mission, Miles meets his uncle Aaron Davis and helps him with a subway problem. After solving the problem, Uncle Aaron gives Miles a subway pass that he can use to get around town.

Once you unlock it, you can quickly travel to any subway station or Miles's apartment by holding the X button while hovering over the location on the map. If you're gaming on PS5, it's a great way to test the blazing-fast SSD.

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Completing the "Harlem Train Out of Order" mission will not only unlock fast travel, but Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man mode will also unlock. Uncle Aaron was the first person to apply, but other applications will start coming in after completing the Harlem Train Out of Service.

These side quests are a great opportunity to earn skill tokens and tech pieces, and some of them even have special unique rewards.

  Now that you know how to fast travel in Spider-Man Miles Morales you will be able to move more freely in the game while discovering new options in the game. Luck!

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