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2020-11-20 08:34:34

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Today we bring you a PS5 guide, where we are going to explain how to connect the mouse and keyboard.

What to know about PS5?

  With the arrival of the PS5, different possibilities of use are presented, among which are the mouse and keyboard, managing to use this console in the same way as a gaming PC and having certain advantages that these controllers bring with them, it is possible to configure wired or wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth, however, knowledge of how to connect the mouse and keyboard is required and that is what we will see in detail in the next content.
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How to connect mouse and keyboard on PS5?

  • With Cable: you only have to make the connection through the USB ports, then we connect to the mouse and keyboard, we must wait a few seconds for the console to recognize them, we enter the configuration and go to devices to do the customization of each of these in terms of the corresponding configuration.
  • Wireless: for this option it is necessary to have an adapter to perform this function, being necessary due to the non-option of the Bluetooth route in the console, after having the adapter it is necessary that we connect it to the USB port, as it is detected both mouse and keyboard we will go to the configuration of each of these devices.

Knowing how to connect the mouse and keyboard is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in the PS5.

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