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2020-11-20 08:38:14

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We invite you to discover How to break metal barriers, a new task in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

What to know about metal barriers in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

There are many secrets to discover in this incredible adventure, which requires that we eliminate certain metal barriers that will be hiding access to such secrets, therefore it is necessary to consider that there are many things to do previously to know how to break metal barriers and for this we have the support of the text that will be presented next in this guide, let's follow it closely to see what it is about.
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How to break metal barriers in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

It is required that we make a vocation change in Kasuga, which we will become foreman, taking into account the possibility of this once we have completed a third part of the game, which allows us to access this is level 3 of the charisma as minimum, then it is necessary that we go to Hello Work so that we can make this change of vocation, then we will be notified that we obtained a skill that is called environmental demolition, being able to eliminate the metal barriers that are hiding the access to the various secrets that are hidden in the game, such as dungeons and secret shops.

  We hope that this information presented here on How to break metal barriers will be of great help to your progress and fun in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

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