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The outfits are usually required in Biomutant and this allows us to tell you where to find the radioactivity suit.

What is the radioactivity suit in Biomutant?

  This is another of the necessary outfits that allow us to go properly equipped to areas that can be dangerous, specifically there are radioactive areas where we must go prepared so as not to perish while we are exploring.

Where to find the radioactivity suit in Biomutant?

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    This is a search that leads us in the first instance to fine-tune the Pingdish because it is the only artifact that allows it to be located, for this it is necessary to go to the Suburbia section at the coordinates X: 56075, Y: -123125 in Sector: 3F, a Once we arrive at this location we will see a large building, to be able to access through the door it is usually necessary to take care of defeating two enemies and once this has been given we proceed to enter, in order to locate the generator to deal with To solve a puzzle that allows us to align the satellite dish, it is necessary to rotate it until the signal is obtained and from there proceed to press the action button in such a way that it shows us the location of the suit.

    Now, with the location in our hands, it is necessary to reach the area that is marked with an X on the map, it is necessary to approach Bangshelter 2G at the coordinates X: 102762, Y: -196344 in Sector: 2G and get access to the last room where the suit is housed, only that we must approach the glass to interact with it and gain access to the suit itself, with it in our hands it is possible to explore areas that may contain radiation.

     Generally speaking, knowing where to find the radioactivity suit allows us to launch a search for an outfit necessary to explore Biomutant.

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