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We continue to search Biomutant which allows us to tell you where to find all Fry-Sparkers.

What are Fry-Sparker in Biomutant?

These are a kind of gadgets, and it is necessary to get a total of 15, this embarks us to work on a secondary mission called "Find The Fry-Spakers" that requires 5 gadgets, also it is necessary to shorten that we will be rewarded for carrying out this search, To do this, it will only be enough to interact specifically with the Fry-Sparker and solve the respective rapid rotation puzzle, here it is only necessary to turn a series of controls in order to achieve that the colors can coincide and are in front of the others.

Where to find all Fry-Sparkers in Biomutant?

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    Where to find all Fry-Sparkers in Biomutant?

    Next, it is necessary to locate a total of 6 locations and these are usually done in this way:


    •  Bricktown: this is the first location that usually takes us to the cow poster shop near the coordinates X: 80123, Y: 9844. So we must access inside and climb the stairs that are there to navigate to a small kitchen that let us find the first gadget.
    • Krossway 4E: we continue in the search to know where to find all the Fry-Sparkers and this leads us to locate the coordinates X: 7637, Y: -91281 specifically this gadget is located in the kitchen of the brick house in Krossway 4E.
    • Unnamed neighborhood: we continue to search and this takes us to the coordinates X: -131956, Y: -107813, so that we must locate you between Boulderbroke and Bangshelter, specifically in a house that is in ruins and has a blue siding.
    • Near Gaga Grampus Bay: to locate the gadget it is necessary to go to the house in the west of the bay and this usually occurs at the coordinates X: 79981, Y: -207094.
    • Blazebase: this is our last search and the collectible usually leads us to use the stairs outside the building, it is only necessary to have enough resistance, because we must get to the top floor of the large building, the coordinates of this location are X: -232519 , Y: -417875.

     This is all you need to know about where to find all the Fry-Sparkers, in such a way that this search allows us to move around different places and solve the puzzle of each gadget in Biomutant.

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