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We continue talking about Genshin Impact and this time we are going to explain how to complete the Plunging Trial.

What is the Genshin Impact Plunging Trial?

This is simply an event that we recently encountered in this game and it allows us to do some interesting activities, so knowing how to complete the Plunging Trial leads us to consider doing some work.

These are the necessary challenges to carry out in the event "Misty Dungeon" and that allow us to know how to complete the Plunging Trial:


  •  Complete the test once: this task allows us to win 70 primogems.
  • Finish the test after completing a total of 5 mechanism challenges: this allows us to get 4 hero devices.
  • Use the dive attack to defeat a total of 8 enemies in the test: this allows us to get 4 freedom guides.
  • Finish the test after receiving no more than 5 hits from traps: this allows us to get 30,000 blackberries.
  • Completing the test with 6 or more minutes remaining on the timer: these allow us to get 6 mystical enhancement minerals.


How to complete Plunging Trial in Genshin Impact?

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    • This is a test that leads us to work on 5 specific tasks, we are talking about a disorder of the ley line and increases the attacks damage to the entire group by 120 percent, this for each enemy that is hit by each attack of Plunging.
    • Note that each character attack can be increased by 6 percent for a period of 30 seconds.
    • It is necessary to take into account the group to select for the Misty Dungeon event, having particular weapons and artifacts and that therefore we do not usually have on our list.
    • It is necessary to have an optimal configuration of our group where it is possible to incorporate Keqing, Noelle, Sucrose and Albelo, this in order to complete the dungeon challenges in a single game.


     There are attacks that can be made in a tailspin from above and in this way get to eliminate 8 enemies, which allows to preserve the percentage of attack of the group thanks to the disorder of the ley line, this can be done with the skills of Keqing and Albedo in Genshin Impact .


    •  There are some traps with which we get in the dungeon, these can shoot us when we are something close in the case of pyrotechnic totems, only they are not the only ones, because there are lasers that can be avoided with great careful.
    • Noelle is usually a key piece to keep us protected, this thanks to the fact that it has a shield, in this sense we must consider keeping it active, while we are moving in the dungeon rooms, in this way we avoid receiving more than 5 hits from the traps existing.
    • To unlock the final challenge of the dungeon, it is necessary to activate three runes, in addition to completing two blessing challenges, in order to unlock the rewards of our journey.
    • It is necessary to consider the issue of time, so that in some cases it is usually necessary to make use of mechanisms such as the "Eternal Blue", which allows extending the timer setting, or the "Speed ​​of God", which allows us to increase the group speed.


    In this sense, knowing how to complete Plunging Trial allows us to have the possibility of performing various challenges and thus completing another event in Genshin Impact.

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