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We welcome you to our Yakuza Like A Dragon guide in which we will explain where to find pocket Tissues.

What to know about Yakuza Like A Dragon?

There are multiple missions that we must complete throughout the game, among which some can lead us to obtain a significant amount of payment, such as the mission of the pocket Tissues, which is a part-time search for heroes, taking into account Note that it is a special delivery of the application, considering the fact that there are 5 to complete it is possible that we earn about 97 thousand yen, now it makes it more vital to know where to find pocket Tissues and that is what we will see next.
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Where to find pocket Tissues in Yakuza Like A Dragon?

We have to buy them from Kan-san in the cans minigame for about 200 points, a number of points that we can easily obtain can be said, in which case the more difficulty we have in the minigame, the better number of points we will be able to get, Having the handkerchiefs is necessary for us to find the person who needs them, to go where they are to take them, it may be in a bathroom stall, among the different places are 10 on the Iesaki road, 1 in the park Hamakita, 3 in Chinatown, on Highway 5 from Tsurugame and 2 at Kamiuchiu Station.

  We hope that the information detailed here on Where to find pocket Tissues will be very useful for your progress and fun in Yakuza Like A Dragon.

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