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2020-11-18 07:10:45

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We invite you to discover How to find scorpions, a new task in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

What to know about Yakuza Like a Dragon?

Certainly we are before a game that its beginning is slow, but after we reach the 4th chapter we find a different game than the one we knew, this being an important action and that at some point we will have the obstacle that represents the lack of money , now we need to know how to find scorpions and for the details there is the following content, which we must follow closely, let's do it.

How to find scorpions in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

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Hamakita Park is the place to consider to find scorpions, this is the northeast of the map, it is a park with a large open space, being here near the trees they are found and even some different insects, which will help us to get money by selling them, it is necessary to reach the 4th chapter to get to this park, it is due to the fact of access to the open world to be from this point, it is possible to explore to the Yokohama map, however they will be present and we must consider them, It is possible that if we are in a high threat we will be compromised, even losing the situation even the profits apart from a fight, it is ideal then to stay away from the enemies that cross us.

The value of the scorpions is for 1000 yen each, it is possible to sell them at the pawn shop once we complete the subcategory, it is easy with the accumulation of bugs that we get to get 10,000 yen and even more, upon arrival to the 5th chapter these bugs become part of the missions, so if we already have previous ideas of where to find them, everything will be easier for us, considering the high threats and the forecasts to follow in such cases.

It is clear that knowing how to find scorpions allows us to have more fun in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

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