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2020-11-20 08:30:17

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Enemies are the order of the day in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and this leads us to tell you how to beat Goneril, let's see.

Who is Goneril in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

This is simply one of Lorian's three sisters, it is possible to get something early, as it is necessary to choose to get them and defeat them because with this we are allowed the opportunity to access to get Thor's armor, which can represent a challenge and that in a way makes us have to take seriously the possibility of knowing how to beat Goneril, since it is the weakest that can put us with the advantage, however, it is not possible to neglect ourselves, in such a way that to relaizar This job requires a minimum skill level of 90.

Before knowing how to defeat Goneril it is necessary to understand that it is usually found in a place in Grantebridgescire, because in a place in the center of the island in the middle of a swamp north of Ely Island, it is only necessary to be careful, since when when we arrive at this place we will be able to observe a tied body and just by interacting it is possible to appear some hallucinations.
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How to beat Goneril in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

To beat Goneril it is necessary to highlight:


  •  Goneril is agile and fast.
  • This enemy usually makes use of the teleport to attack.
  • Goneril avoids taking our blows.
  • He is a vulnerable enemy as soon as we stop him.
  • Goneril makes use of his translucent form to attack us.


 Knowing how to defeat Goneril embarks us to enter a fight that can take place in two phases, so that even when it is fast at the beginning we can handle ourselves a bit, since it is necessary to start from evasion, we can choose to teleport to make some blows to To such a point of being able to stop her for a few seconds, from which it is necessary to take some kind of profit, in such a way that we give her some amount of blows that can leave her vulnerable, the idea is to make use of teleportation in most of the time, because Although she receives blows, she escapes and it is necessary to be close enough to prevent her from fully recovering.

Now, in the second stage of this encounter this will be a little more complex because it will take advantage of the use of the swords, because Goneril will release a little air and this gives him some strength to defend himself, in such a way that in this sense it is It is necessary to choose to defend ourselves, on the other hand it becomes difficult to fight it when it takes on its translucent appearance which puts it at an advantage in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, it is better to dodge it in its normal form, also here it will use magic to its advantage to fight and attack us, In such a way that it will be necessary to choose to keep some distance, since it is easy to identify them, since they are places where there are some pieces of green color, so when we see one it is our task to move away, because Goneril will move to where we are to attack, which it just leads us to wait a bit.

To defeat Goneril definitively after a certain time fighting is to cause him some blows that can stun him, although it is not an easy task it is our best bet, because it is only necessary to hit as much as we can and when falling it does not offer the opportunity to receive two rewards :

  •  Thor's breeches.
  • The dagger to choose to receive Thor's helmet.

 Now that you know how to beat Goneril, it's time to face it and get pieces of armor, as they are necessary and it is our job to get them fighting in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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