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immortals-fenyx-rising-how-to-get-the-wing-pieceThe action in Yakuza Like a Dragon does not stop, so we come to explain how to be a billionaire.

What to know about Yakuza Like a Dragon?

With the help of Ichiban Confections it is possible to obtain important advantages, going through the different ways that exist so that we have the money in piles, we are before a game that sometimes becomes very complex, this time it is ideal to understand How being a multimillionaire and that is what we will look for in the next text of this guide, let's do it carefully.

How to be a billionaire in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

There are multiple options to consider to achieve this and these are the following:

  • Bonuses and care: our employees are required to stay motivated to get the best out of them, therefore if we want a way of How to be a billionaire is to support them with bonuses so that they can perform better, although at first it is an expense it may turn out to bring us many big winnings in the end.
  • The best hires: there are different kinds of employees to hire in Yakuza Like a Dragon, taking into account the influence of these in different areas such as product, service and notability, it is necessary to make the hires in these categories, which will lead us to have improvements in the business, for each worker a statistic will be covered, then the right thing to do is hiring said worker to the corresponding category.

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  • The properties: we will have the option to obtain properties or sell them, which allows us to choose to earn more money, when we look for the purchase option it is ideal to consider some things, these being the optimal profit and the possible volume of sales, that allows us to have a management of what we can achieve in the future with this to be part of How to be a multimillionaire and its different options that exist.
  • Promotion and training: this is something that must be carried out with caution, making a promotion requires the consideration of some aspects, among which the fact of having enough employees in the lower areas, those workers who are promoted Their salary should be increased and they should be trained, in this way their efficiency will be guaranteed to the maximum and will lead us to obtain better profits, it is important that we make sure that such promotion really benefits us, highlighting that and ideally promoting those workers who can bring greater profits and Having level 30 as the maximum for example, this is required to have optimal training then to achieve the objectives in Yakuza Like a Dragon.
  • Loans and events: if we talk about complicated loans, we have loans, since if it is not treated with care it comes to have a very bad effect for us, especially if we want to solve How to be a multimillionaire, these loans are for a property at be taken with the purpose that the interest is certainly diminished, the bank is the way to do this, now if we work in the correct way with the sales and disadvantages that this brings with it, we will be able to generate significant income when canceling the loan, although profit reductions are seen at the first exchange, personal payment is not viable because it becomes very harmful.
  • The improvements to the properties: counting on what is required to improve the properties, taking into account the money that is needed for such work in Yakuza Like a Dragon, which will take us through the due updates regarding the volume of sales and its statistics, being these are already mentioned before as are the product, service and notable.

We hope that the information that was presented on How to be a Billionaire will be of great help in achieving your goals in Yakuza Like a Dragon, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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