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2020-11-18 07:18:28

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In the universe of Yakuza Like a Dragon we have many tasks, one of them is How to buy shields and here you will know what to do.

What to know about Yakuza Like a Dragon?

We are in the 5th chapter of the game, where there are many variants in terms of the jobs that allow us to progress, each class is unique and different that brings with it different things such as Enfocer, this time we seek to know how to buy shields and in the following content will have present the answers, let's see what it is about.

How to buy shields at Yakuza Like a Dragon?

Considering that it is one of the types of weapons these are not available to be bought in stores, for this we have to focus on doing it ourselves in the romantic workshop, only that it is something of great cost, but when exploring Yokohama if we are lucky we find Someone, in the 5th chapter we can access the romantic workshop, it is a subcategory and with the help of the work system we can, even at this stage it is possible to use up to the change of clothes, changing the Enforcer is possible, since this It is a tank that has a shield as a weapon, taking into account how rare these become, knowing how to buy shields is difficult, it is necessary then that we focus on crafts because even shields for Enforcer are not available in stores .
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The cost to make the shield in the romance size is 2.3 million yen, it is even necessary that the workshop has reached the 3rd level of rank, this is through our financing and has a cost of the 2nd rank of 200,000 yen and the 3rd rank 2000000 yen, something complicated, it is possible that we make the golden shield, being a prominent increase allo compare with the start if we have the special edition of the Lgendary Hero game it is possible to have the materials from the beginning, these the following.

The golden shield:

  • Cost 100,000 yen

Materials required:

  • 10 refined iron
  • 10 sturdy iron
  • 10 tempered glass
  • 1 gold bar

In conclusion, knowing how to buy shields is excellent because we can advance in this game as moved as Yakuza Like a Dragon is.

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January 16, 2020
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