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With our Yakuza Like a Dragon guide you will learn more about How to use items in combat.

What to know about Yakuza Like a Dragon?

In this recent installment of the Yakuza titles, there are many elements previously present in those that preceded it, one of which is being able to collect the objects that are presented in our environment and be able to use them as weapons, only that this may be something unknown to the how and when it is done, since it is something that will not be under our control, therefore it is ideal that we know how to use objects in combat and the following content will support us with the details.

How to use items in combat in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

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During an attack on the character of our enemies, if we happen to pass next to an object, we have that the characters when interacting with them will use them as weapons, being something different with Kasuga Ichiban, since he will wield them and the rest of the that make them launch against the enemies, this means that ordering them is not possible, it is in itself something very random, but there are some extra things in this edition that we can consider, the position can be achieved by themselves but we can make sure that these interact with the objects, certainly our orders are expected, so they can go back and forth, which ends up placing them far or near such objects that can be brandished, the ideal moment is that when being behind or to the side of an object they will wait for an order, what we will do is order to attack and they will go against our enemy leaning on the object.

We can conclude that knowing how to use objects in combat is easier than we thought, we just have to try with these guidelines and we will be successful in Yakuza Like a Dragon.

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