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Many users are wondering how to unlock Saejima summon in Yakuza Like a Dragon and this guide has everything they need to know.

What is the invocation of Saejima in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

This is one of several summons that you can make in the game, offering the opportunity to invoke legends from the myths of the series to aid you in battle. With this in mind, there are many users trying to unlock Saejima's invocation and here we will tell you how to do it.
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How to unlock the summoning of Saejima in Yakuza Like a Dragon?

In order to unlock this summons you will have to advance in the main story until the last quarter and face Majima and Saejima in a boss battle to realize that they are really your allies and will work with you from now on.

At one point you will be notified that both Saejima and Majima are available as Summons through Poundmates, and you can bring them into the fray whenever you want for a price of ¥ 1,000,000, not cheap really.

If you pay this summon, Saejima will go in to strangle all enemies with a manhole cover surrounded by a debris-filled tornado, crushing everything it touches, including very complex bosses.

  So we finish this article on how to unlock the invocation of Saejima in Yakuza Like a Dragon, we hope that now that you know how to make this summons you will get the most out of it if you decide to pay for it.

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