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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-02-23 14:46:35

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In this guide you will find how to solve the mermaid puzzle in Stardew Valley, so keep reading.

What is the mermaid puzzle in Stardew Valley?

It is one of the puzzles that you can find in update 1.5 of the game, and that is related to a mermaid on a rock on Ginger Island, completing the puzzle will allow you to get five golden nuts as a reward. That is why today we will tell you how to solve the mermaid puzzle.

How to solve the mermaid puzzle in Stardew Valley?

You can find this puzzle in Pirate Cove, where a line of rocks rests along the shore, one carved in the shape of a musical note. Your task here will be to make music out of these rocks and match the siren song from the night market.
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The first thing you have to do is bring five Flute Blocks to Pirate Cove on a rainy day. The key to the puzzle is found in Journal Scrap # 9, on the line that says "Yes ... Stones as big as pennies and stones as big as nickels were ...".

The rocks on the shore indicate the number of clicks required to tune each Flute Block to the right note. The line in the Journal Scrap being the one that indicates that small rocks represent one click or a penny, and large rocks represent five clicks or nickel.

You can even play with a flute block, keeping in mind that each pile of rocks requires a number of clicks equal to its track, minus one.

  • The first stack from left to right has two pennies on it, so you will have to place a flute block and click on the block once.
  • The second pile has two nickels and one penny, which is equal to 11. So click on the Flute block for this pile 10 times.
  • The third stack has one nickel and four pennies, which is equal to eight clicks.
  • The fourth pile has a nickel, equal to four.
  • The last stack requires six clicks, since a nickel and two pennies equal seven.

After adjusting the blocks you will have to go back to the carved rock at the beginning, and pass the five blocks from left to right, to make the blocks using the song of the siren and in this way make the mermaid smile and wave, throwing the reward nuts and when you finish the task you can go to another activity.

 That's all you have to know about how to solve the mermaid puzzle in Stardew Valley, we hope it was very useful and you managed to complete this challenge quickly.

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