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We keep talking about Godstrike and this allows us to tell you how to beat Tutoriaal, let's see.

Exactly Who is Tutoriaal in Godstrike?

 This game has for us a very interesting characteristic that makes it attractive, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to beat the Tutoriaal and for this it is vital to know that this is the first boss with which we get as we progress in the game, It is necessary to be as well equipped as possible, as it is not easy at all and that is why today we are going to guide you a bit.

How to beat Tutoriaal in Godstrike?

 Before entering this fight itself in Godstrike it is necessary to consider that this fight usually occurs in 3 phases, in addition, it is necessary to carry the skills that we have, because they have to serve us for something, in this sense, to know how to beat the Tutoriaal. It leads us to consider that this process itself tends to take place in a sufficiently short period of time and we should take advantage of it when it occurs to us.
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Phase 1: one of the most necessary actions to know how to beat the Tutoriaal in this phase is to know their movements and they are:


  •  The rock throw: this attack is aimed exactly where we are at Godstrike and it will only be enough for the Tutoriaal to take a rock to throw it at us.
  • The charge: this is another attack and to execute it it will seek to pounce on us.


 It is necessary to consider that to know how to beat the Tutoriaal in this first phase, it is necessary to maintain a certain distance from this boss in Godstrike, but not so much, since it is necessary to execute some shots and prevent them from falling, so that when take the stone the Tutoriaal to throw it at us, we must wait for the stone to come out of his hand and proceed to get away from the path, this will make us manage to dodge without stopping to continue shooting.

One of the necessary actions to know how to beat the Tutoriaal in this phase is to focus on its respective location while it is about to carry out the charge, as it will be attentive to pounce on us to hurt us in Godstrike and that is where we must dodge and get as far away as possible, because the idea is that the boss has to mobilize enough, in this sense, he will seek to stop before doing any damage, while this happens it is necessary to take care of continuing to shoot as much as possible, avoid cornering ourselves and dodge everything we can to the point of getting the first health bar to disappear to end this first phase.

Phase 2: we continue our work to know how to beat the Tutoriaal and this leads us to consider being immersed in the most difficult stage of this fight in Godstrike, in such a way that this leads us to consider their attacks and these are:


  •  The jump: this is an attack of this boss in Godstrike, in such a way that the Tutoriaal will seek to jump and land where we are located, since his objective is to spray us with red orbs so that they can expand.
  • The laser beam: this is another attack that consists of firing a laser beam, this usually moves 90 degrees before it can finish and is launched in a clockwise direction.


 Knowing how to beat the Tutoriaal in this phase makes us be more careful, because it will be more violent and will charge with more force against us, when launching the red orbs they usually cause damage when landing which implies having less time to fight in Godstrike, here it is vital to continue shooting without rest and dodging, it is possible that some bullets may not reach this boss, however, it is a way to avoid being damaged, in that sense, we must try to hit the Tutoriaal before it can land and in doing so it is important to get out of its way in such a way as not to be damaged by the red orbs.

This boss can do three or four jumps before making use of the laser beam in Godstrike, while this happens he moves along 90 degrees in a clockwise direction and will keep his attacks in this way looking at where we are located, This should not scare us and, on the contrary, continue shooting, because it depends on knowing how to beat the Tutoriaal, because in this phase there is the possibility of taking away around 50 percent of the output, which will make it possible for them to get involved in a sub-phase and choose to throw rocks at us, in addition to getting lightning to fall in two seconds, in this sense, we proceed to shoot the rocks in order to destroy them so that the shots can reach this boss, this action can weaken the protection circle of the boss and make our way to attack the pink and red orbs, as long as we stay away from the red ones because when they shine they can explode.

Phase 3: this is the last stage to know how to beat the Tutoriaal, as it is somewhat less complex and focuses on a combat in two halves, because here it is possible to see how this boss hit the ground, in addition to approaching us, in this sense It is vital to choose to shoot him constantly, it is necessary to consider moving away from the last location in addition to not getting stuck in a corner, we can choose to confuse him and this requires moving constantly, maintaining, of course, the distance, now well, for the second half of this phase it is necessary:


  •  Be attentive to the boss because he will seek to charge everything against us in Godstrike.
  • Knowing how to beat the Tutoriaal leads us to consider the pink lines that tend to form in the sand.
  • It is vital to avoid the attacks carried out by this boss and for this it is necessary to choose to move away, without leaving aside our weapon with which we usually execute shots.
  • Taking constant shots can be tedious, but it is necessary to eliminate this boss and thereby terminate this task.


In this sense, knowing how to beat Tutoriaal allows us to fight with strength and dedication to get rid of the first boss in Godstrike.

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