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Today we are going to talk about How to target enemies an interesting and necessary task that we can carry out in Windbound.

Why know How to target in Windbound?

  The truth is that this is a game where we see ourselves in the possibility of being totally alone on an island, the need to defend ourselves arises, therefore it is important to target the enemies since when they manage to see us they will not have a pinch of mercy With us, our task is to exploit the abilities that we may have, but also to survive, an action that will lead us to build a boat that allows us to carry out some exploration activities in search of some resources that can be used to defend ourselves.
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    How to target in Windbound?

     Aiming is an action that we need to learn, since there is no icon or any particular option that indicates us, but this is not a reason to die, because it is only a matter of pressing some buttons on the remote or the mouse on our PC, when we have managed to control these postures, it is only necessary to have a weapon to fight, and then proceed to test it against a Razorback, there we can observe the health of the creature at the top of our screen, then it is imperative to avoid when we are hunting, especially when we get some big enough animals, `because just the possibility that they can get close means a huge risk.

     Aiming at enemies is simply an interesting task that we can do by pressing LT on our controller and holding it down, in the case of the PC it is necessary to use the mouse and keyboard, because here we only press it once to aim and press it again one more time if we want to get out of objective mode.

     As you will see, knowing how to target enemies is simply an easy activity, only that it is necessary to avoid being hit, because we are to attack more not to be attacked in Windbound, since definitely surviving is our task.

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