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Angel Marquez
2020-09-02 17:55:04

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We welcome you to our Windbound guide in which we will talk about how to complete the crossing challenges.

What to know about the crossover challenges in Windbound?

These are some challenges that will be presented to us in the final moments of each of the chapters, in order to access special objects it is necessary that we complete them, taking into account a total of 5 to complete and in this guide we will see solution as to how to complete the crossing challenges, if we want to see the details it is necessary that we carefully move forward.

How to complete the crossing challenges in Windbound?

First chapter: we will find ourselves passing with our boat through the aquatic labyrinth, where we will have obstacles to avoid, such as coral reefs and rock outcrops, certainly this can be simple if our boat has improvements in which we include a mast, We will reach the end avoiding all the problems considering that the wind will not present change here, we are presented with the need to advance to offer in the sea, for this we have 2 options 500 or 750 fragments of sea, whatever our choice is then we will go for one stairs to access the item or skill to equip it.
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Second chapter: we find that to understand how to complete the crossing challenges in this chapter we will go through the same thing as in the previous chapter, at the end of this we will be hampered by some sharks that have the purpose of destroying our ship, so It is necessary that we avoid their attacks with our left thumb or the keys, then at the end we will make the corresponding offering of fragments of sea, but this time it is possible to equip only one blessing, it is necessary that the choice be well thought out in Windbound.

Third chapter: it is important that we stay alert regarding sailing, since the sea monster that makes an appearance at the beginning of each challenge will appear, with the huge waves that this causes will influence the wind, if the boat reaches a lot of speed we have to go backwards with the lever on the left or with those corresponding to the PC, the speed can make us turn around and puts us in a bad situation in which predators can take advantage of This crossing in Windbound we will also see jellyfish, coral reefs and rocks appear, we have to take care of this, our health may be affected in general by electrocution, in the end we get another blessing and we advance in how to complete the crossing challenges.

Fourth chapter: we will see changes in the wind due to the fact that the waves will be very treacherous at this point, we have jellyfish and sharks as obstacles, it is necessary that we make a strategy similar to that of the previous chapter, seeking to maintain an adequate speed of our boat At the end we will do the same, an offering that gives us access to the final blessing of the challenge present in Windbound.

Fifth chapter: in this last chapter in order to understand how to complete the crossing challenges, it is the one that represents the greatest difficulty, in this we have that the sea monster comes with everything to bring down our ship, it is capable in this opportunity of throwing stones and its tentacles also uses, the jellyfish can be hidden with the frame of this monster, the waves will affect our movement, we must focus on the jagged rocks and the coral reef, this can help us avoid them instantly when the waves are shallower, being It is important that when we arrive here we have made the maximum improvements to our boat, that it is completely made of wood, has bamboo, wood or metal spikes that help us in the defenses, considering that being a wooden boat the damage is greater than If it's grass or bamboo, repairs are possible if we have the right resources in our inventory.

Clearly knowing how to complete the crossing challenges leads us to progress while having fun at Windbound.

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