Angel Marquez
2020-08-31 10:02:51

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We welcome you to our Windbound guide where we will talk about How to get stamina.

What to know about the stamina in Windbound?

On some occasions we will get to stay without resistance, this is because we will be using it throughout the time in the game, when running, hunting, making creations, rowing and more, which will put us at the mercy of damage, there are many ways that we Allow to solve the question of How to get stamina, the answers will be present in the content that will come right now, so we must continue reading, we will do it then.
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How to get stamina in Windbound?

The resistance is possible to recover if we eat something, among which it can be a fungus, these are often next to a tree or berry bush, it is not the maximum in effectiveness but it is something, but if we eat meat cooked from the animals we hunt, it is possible to recover most of the resistance that we lose, if we eat raw meat it is possible that our screen will wobble and rather we will lose health, so we must avoid this, Food is the best option without a doubt, certainly the smaller animals are the easiest to hunt, so we will find them on the islands.

Finally, now that we know how to get stamina, we can move on to Windbound.