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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-31 17:41:29

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If you're one of those looking for answers about Leviathan's Heart Gems and Storm's Eye Location, this Windbound guide contains the details.

What should we know about the eye of storm and gems of the heart of leviathan in Windbound?

 These are 2 gems necessary to be able to make the best weapons in the game, since these grant powers to some of the specific weapons, improving their explosion radius or the damage they cause, if we want to always be alive it is It is necessary that we have the best weapons and this is key if we are in survival mode, also in our ship it is possible to use these 2 gems, which allows to give it more power, in speed for example, which is possible when make the figures of our ship, with the appropriate button the mast will be raised, helping to get ahead if we go against the wind, now for more details that help understand the location of the storm eye and gems of the heart of leviathan come right now , let's see.
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What is the Leviathan Heart Gem and Storm Eye Location in Windbound?

 The blue vases are one of the options available to find them, this in destroyed human settlements and on small islands, with which we break the vases that are larger it is possible that we will be able to unearth a gem, but we must bear in mind the fact of how random this process will be, while the other place turns out to be that of the deposits of the eye of the storm and the heart of leviathan, when we are conducting the explorations of the island we will come to find some deposits that present brightness orange or purple at the bottom, it is possible with a hammer that we get the extraction of the blocks, 3 blows and they will break, which allows us to remove any of the gems, with a single enough to be able to have a weapon of great power, keeping in mind that each deposit provides us with 1 gem, if we die we will lose all the objects, so we have to take advantage of it to avoid going through this eng orroso done.

 We finish this Windbound guide with the details about the location of the storm eye and gems of the heart of leviathan, now we can continue moving forward.

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