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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-01 19:01:28

More about: Windbound

growThe tools are necessary elements that we need to get in Windbound so today we will talk about How to get a shovel

Why get a shovel in Windbound?

When we venture into this game and we realize that surviving is our task, it is vital to understand that there is a need to develop some tools, for this it is necessary to explore the islands a little, during this tour we realize that there are some smaller creatures To which it is necessary to remove but for this it is important to have a shovel, this because they will be located in some small enough holes.

How to get a shovel in Windbound?

Making the shovel can be in a way a fairly complex task, because on the one hand there is the possibility of getting the Gorehorn crest and this implies having to defeat the large creatures that have a certain resemblance to a rhinoceros, for this it is necessary Have a bow, a few arrows and a pair of spears, as they are large creatures that usually have significant armor.
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The process of the shovel itself is not complex when we get the necessary materials, because as soon as we have managed to knock down the Razorback pig to get some bones, to this we add the Gorehorm crest plus 2 thick herbs and with that we can make our own tool, which we can use where we consider necessary, as it is ideal to do some excavations in search of some smaller creatures, since we will only approach a few mounds of earth, where we will excavate a little obtaining with it some Bleenks.

Now that you know how to get a shovel, it's time to go exploring, because there is nothing more interesting than using our tools for your own benefit at Windbound.

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28 de agosto de 2020
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