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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-31 18:39:00

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Combat is simply a necessary action in Control so it is important to know how to fight bosses with the Arcade machine

What is Control about?

This is a game where the action of the shooting and the adventure form an excellent combination, giving way to teach us some interesting details related to secret invasions, some government agencies that are hidden and certain supernatural powers, in addition to having some particular enemies, Therefore, it is important to know how to fight bosses with the Arcade machine, because thanks to it it will be possible to fight when we consider it necessary, being favorable to survive.

How to fight bosses with the Arcade machine in Control?

The first thing we must know is that it is essential to survive during combat, because this is the first challenge that is presented to us and for which it is necessary to address, since the second only leads us to the elimination of enemies, which could simply be feasible, However, it is a task that could well take us a little more time than necessary, this usually occurs when we manage to get the Shum II machine leaving the first one simply behind, but this does not stop there because there are still some tasks, which simply makes us having to be alert to everything around us, since being alive is simply our task.
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The possibility of fighting dangerous enemies is simply latent, here we get some types that are equipped with shields, others with machine guns, which makes the panorama somewhat complex, there are fighting options although the easiest and most sensible thing is to activate the invulnerability, this could make us complete this challenge quickly, because this simply opens the door to an interesting reward and it is the Arcade machine and some fireworks, which is important to fight bosses, especially The Anchor, or The Former who are actually extremely formidable and must be beaten.

Now that you know how to fight bosses with the Arcade machine it is time to go in search of them and make your combat an easier task in Control.

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