Angel Marquez
2020-08-31 09:48:31

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With our Windbound guide you will learn more about How to make a bow.

What to know about the bow in Windbound?

  In this game, the best long-range weapon is the bow, the distance attack being of vital importance as well as those that are melee, this weapon will be achieved in a different way, it must be manufactured by us, our enemies are possible to eliminate with between 1 to 3 quick arrows, which allows us to have the advantage to kill them more easily, so it is necessary then to understand How to make a bow and the details come next.
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How to make a bow in Windbound?

 With a stick and silk thread it is possible to create a basic bow, for this we will get the sticks by cutting it with a knife, while the thread of sea we place it between chapter 2 or 3 of the game, the latter we get it by killing to the Silkmaws, they are purple balls that are in the forest islands, with the corpses you have to interact to receive the silk thread, the enemies although they attack in groups we can easily kill them, when we get this form the 2 materials we have to access the crafts menu and look for the bow tiles icon, then by entering crafts we will be able to create our first bow, with the attack button pressed we will be able to aim and see the number of arrows with the one that we have at this moment next to the reticle and the shot occurs when the attack button is released, let's see other bows that we can have in the game together with their necessary materials.


  • Torment Bow: You need Leviathan Heart Gem x1, Grass Rope x1, Stick x1.
  • Tempest Bow: This requires Storm Eye Gem x1, Grass Rope x1, and Stick x1
  • plain bow: we need to get leather x1, Plainstalker horns x2 and silk threads x2.
  • hunter's bow: wood x1 and silk threads x2 required

 This is how we finish our guide on How to make a bow, hoping that you can get the best out of Windbound, a fairly busy game.