Angel Marquez
2020-09-01 11:06:25

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This time we return with a Windbound guide, aiming to explain how to beat a Gloomharrow.

What to know about Gloomharrow in Windbound?

Among the many enemies that we will meet in the game, these can be the most difficult, they are purple and look like lizards, in survival difficulty they can kill us and become more than a rival if we are in the mode narrator, it is important that to understand how to beat a Gloomharrow, we have the appropriate weapons and the precise strategy to execute, the confrontations against them must be individually, killing them when they are in pairs is something that can bring us more problems, now Let's see more answers in the following content.

How to beat a Gloomharrow in Windbound?

The best preparation is key to being victorious, so it is necessary that we have a strong spear, a bow and arrows, also a leather sling and oil or poison bombs can be very useful during the confrontation, with our bow it is possible that we aim and shoot with greater speed, by hitting it with a minimum pair of arrows we will be able to remove at least one bar of this opponent's health, if we do it before they realize our attacks better, now when If we get too close to the Gloomharrow they will try to bite or hit us, in any case they would leave us reeling and vulnerable to receiving greater damage, it is important that when we see the intention to attack we avoid it If we do it at the precise moment it will be vital, if we become fast we can stab it with our spear, considering that these enemies use black smoke to the verse attacked by us for the first once, but these come to appear in the same place where they were, so we must be vigilant.
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Sometimes these enemies keep a distance between us, they are able to use their poisonous tongue at a distance and if they catch us we will end up on the ground and poisoned, which makes our health fall slowly, it is necessary that if we have them at a distance at At the moment of its appearance, let's try to dodge, this makes 2 consecutive attacks, being necessary to dodge in the same amount of attacks that they make, then we will seek to cause damage with the possibilities that we have in our spear and bow, in the end we will overcome them, now We come to find little health, we must look for what to eat to recover, to return from being cured we will notice that the health that we have taken away from them remains intact, which is an advantage.

Knowing how to beat a Gloomharrow is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Windbound.