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We have prepared for you a Recipe of all the necessary remedies that we can use in Windbound, let's see.

What is Windbound?

  This is a game marked by survival, because the story is based on Kara, a girl who must focus on surviving being alone, without resources and on an island, where she finds herself in the task of discovering some skills that may be useful to her, as she will need Food and some tools if you want to stay alive, Kara has arrived on this island after being shipwrecked which simply makes it an interesting adventure, but in the same way it is necessary to discover the Recipe of all remedies since this is simply a task necessary to restore his health, as well as keep his resistance at bay on an island where neglecting yourself can be simply fatal.
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    What is the Recipe for all the remedies in Windbound?

     Surviving is simply not easy and even more so when we are alone and lost, but it will be necessary for us to face it, because as we progress we realize that the environment becomes even more complex, which leads us to have to prepare some remedies. to survive, implying with this to locate some necessary elements such as metal to be able to make an oven and clay for the manufacture of some vessels where the recipes will be properly prepared, from there we can make some potions that can perfectly be vital for our style of play.

     Here are all the recipes of the remedies:

     Stimulating stimulation: it is ideal to increase resistance in a strong enough way for a long time and for this it is necessary:

    •  4 Fluttercups that is 4 yellow flowers that we can locate in forest regions
    • 1 clay pot.


     Elixir of burning antidote:
    this recipe allows us to considerably reduce the damage and the time in which we are affected by the poison, this recipe has the following ingredients:

    •  3 blood bristles that are red flowers from dry areas.
    • 1 rotten food, food that cannot be eaten because it has been damaged.
    • 1 poison gland
    • 1 clay pot.


     Regeneration recipe:
    it is ideal to regenerate our health for a long time, for this we require:

    •  3 blood sows.
    • 1 rotten food.
    • 1 clay pot.


     devastation Drama: this recipe allows us to increase the damage of our weapon temporarily and for this we need:

     1 stamp.

    3 blood sows.

    1 clay pot.


     Fleet-Foot Filter: this recipe allows us to increase our speed while walking and running at least for a long time, for this we need:

    •  2 Sealilies which are blue flowers located in the dense areas of cherry trees.
    • 3 Fluttercups.
    • 1 clay pot.


     Energetic Shot Brew:
    This recipe allows us to temporarily increase the rate of fire of our ranged weapons and this requires:

    •  1 Fluttercup.
    • 1 Bleenk Frond that are Bleenk feathers, we can get them in their early hours or simply by killing them.
    • 1 clay pot.


     This is all you need to know about the Recipes of all the remedies, because simply each one has its level of importance and it is vital to prepare them all to survive in Windbound, give it a try.

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