Angel Marquez
2020-09-01 10:01:42

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Windbound is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover How to make leather.

What to know about leather in Windbound?

  It is a necessary resource for the creation of other items, the animals drop them once we have defeated them, it is certainly the most appropriate, considering that we must know how to make leather, it is not enough that we obtain it from The right animals, the Plainstalkers is the best possibility to achieve it, now the leather is also released by the Gloomharrows but it is not possible that we make leather with it, knowing these aspects to consider, let's move on to the following details to reinforce the content, let's see.
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How to make leather in Windbound?

 Cooking the skin is necessary to make leather, this once we have obtained the animal skin, it is necessary after we have the fire ready to make a drying rack, for this you need stick x2 and grass rope x3, this grill We must put it on top of the fire and in this way we will be cooking at least objects, with the interaction in the fire it is possible to add the skin as soon as the crafts menu is presented to us, the first option that we will find is on the leather, We finish adding it by pressing in crafts, we will have time to explore the island more thoroughly while this is cooking, when we return we will have the leather ready.

 Among so many articles that depend on leather we will have that some are the wooden mast that requires 2 leather, the pure leather bow requires one, the leather sling requires one, the heavy duty bag requires 2 leather, the glider , the helm of the luck of the cat, the ax and more, in this way it is vital that we make leather to complete resources of importance in the game.

 In this way we finalize our Windbound guide, now you know how to make leather, just enjoy it to the fullest.