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There are many users wondering how to get Sea Shards in Windbound, so we wanted to prepare this article to help you.

What are sea Shards in Windbound.

This is one of the most important resources that you will have to obtain in the game whenever you want to activate the towers of the game, it will also allow you to face the Crossing tests at the end of each chapter and offer blessings to the Sea Spirits for special items and unbreakable. For this reason it is important to know how to obtain Sea Shards, so pay attention.
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    How to get Sea Shards in Windbound.

    You will be able to find these resources in various places, the first and probably the most obvious is on top of the same Sea Shard towers that you need to activate.

    You can find up to three towers in each chapter and they are scattered on procedurally generated islands.

    Go to the top of the tower being careful with the hidden holes that will cause you to fall and when you reach the top you will have to interact with the shell-shaped pedestal in front of you to receive the sea Shards.

    Another place to find shells is towards the Crossing challenge of each chapter.

    So head to these places and as you go up the stairs you will have to interact with the pintos to create bridges to the next area. It is precisely this interaction that will allow you to obtain the Shards.

    The third place is the blue vases, which you can find scattered on different islands.

    The most difficult place to access is in destroyed human villages, gray structures with swirling shells. When you arrive, the music will change and you will hear and human singing, so check the buildings for vases which you will have to break to get the Shards.

    Also break the vases into small islands.

    Another way to find the shards is as you go through the game on your travels.

     That's all you have to know if you were wondering how to get sea shards in Windbound, we hope that now that you know, you will be able to find and get the most out of these shards.

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