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Today we make for you an explanatory guide of Drake Hollow where we explain how to get juice boxes, let's see.

What are juice boxes in Drake Hollow?

These are simple, some necessary, interesting items and the most relevant when we are starting this game, in reality the only thing they are used for is crafts, only that getting it is not as simple as it seems, because it will be necessary to use some actions to locate a tree with this juice, because in reality there are some considerable amounts of legs and trees, but a juice one can be complex, however it is not an impossible task and for that we are here today.

How to get juice boxes in Drake Hollow?

This is simply an interesting and highly necessary task that we must carry out as soon as we start the game, since it is evident that it is a main article, normally in our camp we usually get some number of natural trees, some tend to have fruits, others Maybe not, but it is presented as an attractive landscape in a world where survival is necessary.
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The options to get the juice boxes are simply not that easy and there is no simple task, however, it is possible to roam around some areas of the map where we could get what we are looking for, the possibility of venturing to where the humans are is An option to go for the boxes, it is possible to go to a house that is relatively close to our camp, only that it is not as simple as a house, it is only necessary to be smart enough and choose to locate something similar.

Throughout the game world it is possible to find some places very similar to this house near our camp, once we manage to get there it is necessary to explore a little, because here there is the possibility of getting some things that may be useful enough Along the way, in addition to the juice boxes that are already a considerable quantity, it is only necessary to hit them, in addition there are some large boxes that contain crafting material that may be needed later.

This is all you need to know about how to get juice boxes, as Drake Hollow definitely has enough items that we can and should get.

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