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Find out how to complete the Skeld tasks to advance in Among Us.

What to know about Skeld tasks in Among Us?

Each map presents a group of tasks in the game, Skeld becomes the original map and that in each area of this each task is presented, which become 3 different types, such as common, short and long, certainly we can To say that they do not have a great level of difficulty but some of these do consume time, now if we want to know how to complete the Skeld tasks, we are in the right place and more with the following content.

How to complete Skeld tasks in Among Us?

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The Skeld tasks are a total of 14, let's see each one in detail:

  • Aligning the motor with the dotted lines is a short task and we place it on the Upper and Lower Motor.
  • Synchronization of a node that is rotating around a ring, having to complete 3 nodes and pressing the button is done, it is a short task and it is located in the electrical.
  • Cleaning the filter is a short task and is at 02.
  • Visual task consisting of shooting 20 asteroids and cutting located on the weapons.
  • Connect the cables by color in 3 panels, it is a common task and we locate it in the administration, cafeteria, electricity, navigation, security and storage.
  • Filling a can with gasoline in storage and taking it to the engine rooms is a long task and we place it in the upper and lower engine.
  • Pressing a button that allows us an interaction in which the red sample is chosen is a long task and we find it in MedBay.
  • The illumination of the shields by choosing the red hexagons, a visual and short task found in the shields.
  • Hitting the spotlight, a short task that is located in navigation.
  • Copying the sequence of the left screen in 5 completions, is a long task that is located in the Reactor.
  • Staying in the scanner for 10 seconds, a long task and we located it in MedBay.
  • Passing the card from the wallet to the reader in a balanced way, it is a common task that we find in the administration.
  • Pressing the keys in a numerical order is a short task that we place in the Reactor.
  • Start a download and take it to the administration to load it, it is a long task and we place it in the upper and lower Engine.

In conclusion, knowing how to complete Skeld tasks is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Among Us.

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