Lidia Rozo
2021-04-09 05:12:19

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We are back to talk about Valorant because today we allow ourselves to explain how to fix the error code VAN 68.

What is VAN error 68 in Valorant?

This is a problem that we have recently gotten ourselves with in this game, because we were very calm playing when it appeared right off the bat, in this sense, knowing how to fix the error code VAN 68 leads us to consider opting for some solutions simple enough, but usually favorable, this failure is usually related to some server connection problems, although it is possible that this may be arising from the Cloudfire, however, this has a solution and for that we are here.

How to fix VAN error code 68 in Valorant?

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Choosing to restart the computer: this can be a favorable solution, since it is possible to get us with some anti-cheat software, and it makes the game show us this failure.

Choose to restart the game:
this is another action that is favorable, because not only for this failure, but for many others, this will restart the game, because we only try to log out and start again.

Take a look at the internet connection:
some failures are usually related to the internet issue, for this it will only be enough to check the router, it is possible to restart it and that's it.

Contact the Riot Games support service:
in case the previous solutions have not been favorable, it is necessary to contact the support, as they usually give quick answers, it will only be enough to go to the support page and raise the problem.

It is necessary to clarify that this problem is usually related to Cloudflare, as this does not have any particular solution, we should only consider hoping that this can be solved automatically within a few hours.

This is all we know so far about How to fix the error code VAN 68, so try some solution, it could be favorable in Valorant, good luck.

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