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Today we come to talk to you about Pac-Man 99, in such a way that it is necessary to explain how to use all the enhancers.

What are the enhancers in Pac-Man 99?

These are simply some interesting mechanics that allow us to have considerable advantages, since sometimes there is the possibility of feeling a bit overwhelmed and this raises the possibility of knowing how to use all the enhancers, because with them, we are allowed to have the ability to outperform other players, this is simply usually nothing more than a benefit.

How to use all the enhancers in Pac-Man 99?

There are three enhancers of which it is possible to take advantage of and for this it is necessary to describe them in this way:

Take care of cleaning the board: this action allows the Pacman to increase speed, and this effect tends to accumulate every time we clean the board in a game at Pac-Man 99.
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    Choosing to eat fruit: this is another interesting effect when it comes to knowing how to use all the enhancers and for this it is necessary to place ourselves in the center of the board where a fruit usually appears, it is only necessary to take care of eating it to be able to restore all the pieces of the board, this makes the orbs and energy balls appear, because as they disappear it is usually essential to eat fruit to recover them, in this sense it is necessary to consider:

    • The cherry usually clears the board.
    • The strawberry usually restores the energy balls.
    • Orange usually restores three-quarters of the board.

    Eating the power pellets: this is another effect that we have, since it allows us to have the possibility of turning the ghosts on the board into blue shapes, in addition to allowing us to get closer to the center of the board, these balls manage to eliminate the Pac-Man that can be transparent, also allows us to reduce the speed so that a transparent ghost can reach us, in this sense, when we eat a ball of power we are allowed to receive one of the four enhancers, on the screen on the left side it is displayed, and it is possible to choose between:

    • Faster: Our Pac-Man's movement speed can be doubled, but it can reduce our attack by 75 percent.
    • Stronger: Every time you consume a ghost, two transparent Pac-Man will be sent to the enemy board, but the time of our power pellet is usually reduced by three seconds.
    • Train: Every time we touch a ghost, it is duplicated, but it also spawns one of the transparent Pac-Man to our board
    • Standard: There are no benefits or drawbacks to this choice.

    Definitely, knowing how to use all the enhancers allows us to have a variety of interesting advantages in Pac-Man 99.

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