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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-09 12:08:53

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The tasks are more interesting in Monster Hunter Rise which leads us to explain to you which are all the subcamps of the lava caverns.

What are Lava Caverns in Monster Hunter Rise?

This game has managed to occupy us enough, and each time we progress we get more monsters throughout all the spaces, in this sense, knowing which are all the subcamps of the lava caverns leads us to indicate in the first instance that these Caverns are simply the last area available in this game, and they usually have a lot of action.

What are all the lava cavern subcamps in Monster Hunter Rise?

Before starting this search, it is necessary to make it clear that this area has two subcamps and then we are going to leave you the respective details:

Subcamp 1: we start going to zone 12 and from there it is necessary to move west, in such a way that this allows us to visualize a wall of lianas, it is necessary to take care of climbing them, once this has been done it is possible to see another wall with lianas far enough, and we must get close to get on these, once this has been done it is necessary to mobilize to the north of the mountain, this journey can become somewhat confusing and dangerous, as it is necessary to avoid falling, especially with greater emphasis on supporting ourselves at the end of the way.
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It is necessary to go to the northernmost part of the road above in order to find the camp, once close we receive the message "Discovered a suitable place for a subcamp", this makes us choose to return to the village, because here we must speak with Kagero the merchant, he tends to give us a mission that consists of:

  • Eliminate 8 Uroktor in Lava Caverns.
  • Once we complete this task, it is necessary to return to Kagero to unlock this first subcamp.

Subcamp 2: this usually makes us mobilize to zone 6 on the level above, for this it is necessary to choose to take a vine to the north of said area in order to reach the level above, then we must go northwest at the same level, here we will see that it is possible to get with the southeast area to which we must enter to get the message "Discovered a suitable place for a subcamp", then we must return to the village to talk with Kagero, and he will be in charge of indicating the materials that we require for their respective construction, these are:

  • Tetranadon Hide.
  • 2 monster bones.

Once we get these materials we must return them to Kagero and this allows us to unlock this second subcamp.

This is all we can tell you about all the lava cavern subcamps, as it is only necessary to go into a search in the last area in Monster Hunter Rise.

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