Lidia Rozo
2021-04-09 04:48:27

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Today we bring you a Subverse guide where we plan to tell you How to use ground combat.

What is the purpose of using ground combat in Subverse?

This game presents us with various options with which it is possible to perform, in this sense, knowing how to use land combat offers us the opportunity to execute some melee and ranged combat, where there is the possibility of loading our team with teammates from the crew, because the adventure here becomes more and more intense, where the main objective is to get the gold medal once the mission has finished, because with this arises the possibility, on the one hand, of improving the level of devotion of our teammates. Crew and on the other hand, get to receive a considerable amount of points.

How to use ground combat in Subverse?

This action begins once we manage to get hold of some amount of manticores, since it is possible to choose them, for our fortune there is a diverse variety to choose from in Subverse, these legendary creatures were created with genetically multiple life forms and usually have abilities, even when Each of them only has one ability, it is possible to consider that this is favorable, in addition to them, it is necessary to have a commander, because knowing how to use ground combat leads us to prepare ourselves with a formidable team and from there to go to the battlefield where we proceed to place the units waiting for the enemies to start to appear.

In this sense, knowing how to use ground combat makes us focus on the statistics of the characters in Subverse, as this is usually vital because from this we are allowed to implement tactics, considering that the bar that is located at the bottom It usually shows us the indications related to the order of the attacks to be executed, as this allows us to take care of waves of enemies that will need to be defeated, it is there where we can use the manticores and the commander to escape unscathed.

Once inside combat and with expectations set on knowing how to use ground combat, it is necessary to consider two vital aspects, and they are:
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  • Manticores can be killed in combat and this does not make the mission fail.
  • The commander cannot die because doing so ends the game.

Now in this quest to know how to use ground combat it is usually necessary:

  • Place distance between our team and the enemy.
  • Enemies have a green health bar.
  • The enemies have a gray bar that is the armor.
  • Enemies have a blue bar at Subverse that represents the shield.
  • It is necessary to do standard damage in order to destroy the enemy's armor, in addition to taking care of some physical attacks, since these usually destroy the armor, these can include some hits.

To tie with the current character it is necessary to consider:

  • Use E to move in the spaces that may be at our disposal.
  • Using Q to perform common attacks, however, getting the mouse over the icons that are located at the bottom on the right side shows us more options to shield ourselves.
  • Attacking melee is complex, since the enemy can counterattack by 50 percent, and it also does not allow us to counter enemy attacks normally.
  • It is necessary to consider the definitive skills and for this it will only be enough to press the 1 or 2 key, only that to use them it is necessary to enhance them in advance.
  • There is the possibility of right-clicking on an enemy, this allows us to view their statistics and from there it is possible to take advantage of Subverse.

Some of the abilities that enemies have in Subverse are:

  • Areas of effect.
  • Delayed attacks.
  • First boss mines.
  • Tibold activated at the end of the house round.

This is all we can tell you about How to use ground combat, since it is only necessary to make a choice of equipment and proceed to embark on the battle in Subverse.