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2024-04-15 11:41:34

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We invite you to discover how to get hollow box in Type Soul with our detailed and accurate guide.

What to know about getting hollow box in Type Soul?

This is a necessary search task to execute because precisely the weapon at our disposal depends completely on the content of your Hollow Box, in this sense, we explain to you with this guide on How to get hollow box in Type Soul, everything necessary to obtain it in a simple way.

How to get hollow box in Type Soul?

To get a Hollow Box in Type Soul, we must first be a Hollow. Next, we must take care of participating and emerging victorious in an assault on Karakura City, these raids take place every hour, depending on the game time. The best thing we can do is join a server that has not yet completed the raid and participate, after 30 minutes after emerging victorious from the raid, we will go to Karakura City. Along the outside path, we will see a gray two-story house on our right, with an NPC with white hair standing on the second floor balcony, this NPC will not appear before 30 minutes after the raid ends. .

If we do not emerge victorious in the raid, the NPC will not speak to us and we will have to wait until the next hour and try again. On the other hand, if we have managed to be successful, we will talk to the NPC, and we will have the option to buy a variety of items, among them is usually the Hollow Box, for 40,000 Kan. Please note that there is no guarantee that she will have the Hollow Box available, in which case we will simply have to try again after completing another raid as the items he sells are randomized with each appearance.

Notably, there is a chance to receive a Hollow Box as a rare reward for succeeding in a Raid.

How to increase the potential of your hollow box?

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Once our inventory has the coveted Hollow Box, it becomes an indispensable aspect of our arsenal. Unlike other items, death has no power to strip us of the Hollow Box, making it an everlasting asset.

Another interesting feature is that we can open the box at our discretion, without the limitations of a timer, to unlock the potential, all we have to do is interact with the Hollow Box, in this way it will offer us a random hollow weapon.

The hollow weapons that we can get in this hollow box are:

  • Barragan's Ax
  • Nnoitra's Scythe
  • Ulquiorra's Katana
  • Grimmjow's Claws
  • Harribel's dagger
  • Spear of Neliel
  • Wonderweiss Sword

It is good to know that the weapon we receive is completely arbitrary, if we are not satisfied with our current loot, there is no need to worry, the solution lies in embarking on raids in Karakura City to get another hollow box and probably get another weapon .

Now that you know how to get hollow box in Type Soul, you have the necessary instructions to execute your search and access the weapons, try it.

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