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2024-04-15 11:49:30

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We invite you to discover How to get Electric Egg Incubator in Palworld, a new task for this incredible adventure.

What to know about the electric egg incubator at Palworld?

With the arrival of the recent update of the game, many new functions have been incorporated, among which the electric egg incubator stands out. However, it requires meticulous control of the temperature to achieve the desired results. As each egg has unique environmental needs, we must continually adjust the room temperature with heaters and coolers accordingly. With the electric egg incubator, this task becomes easy because it automatically maintains the perfect temperature, eliminating the need for constant modifications. The only requirement is a constant power supply to keep the incubator running, now looking to know How to get Electric Egg Incubator in Palworld let's take this guide into account with its following content.

How to get Electric Egg Incubator in Palworld?

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How to Get Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld

We invite you to discover How to Get Ancient Technical Manual in Palworld, a new task in this incredible adventure.

It will depend on you reaching level 36 in our gaming journey. Therefore, it is not a resource to rely on during the early stages of the game. Additionally, players must have collected five points of ancient technology, although this should not be a challenge at this point in the game. Other opportunities to earn points include defeating world bosses and tower bosses. Once we have accumulated the necessary levels and technology points, we can proceed to build the Incubator.

Building the Electric Egg Incubator requires 50 Refined Ingots, 15 Circuit Boards, 10 Ancient Civilization Pieces, and 5 Ancient Civilization Cores. The pieces of ancient civilizations can be looted from world bosses and dungeons, while the cores of ancient civilizations can be obtained exclusively from raid bosses, such as Bellanoir. Manufacturing refined ingots and circuit boards will require an upgraded furnace and production assembly line. Refined Ingots are produced using 2 Ore and 2 Coal in the Upgraded Furnace, requiring a total of 100 of each material. Crafting the circuit boards involves combining 4 pure quartz and 2 polymers with the production assembly line, requiring 60 pure quartz and 30 polymers to successfully build the incubator.

In conclusion, knowing How to get Electric Egg Incubator in Palworld is interesting because it allows us to navigate this interesting new fusion of this incredible adventure.

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