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Phasmophobia is a game that gets us hooked a lot, but it is necessary to be equipped and that is why today we tell you how to use the thermometer

What is the importance of using the thermometer in Phasmophobia?

  The mere possibility of having to measure the temperature is a more than enough reason to give this tool a deserved use in this game, since we are facing the possibility of getting freezing temperatures here in such a way that knowing how to use the thermometer allows us to discover the type of ghost with which we will simply have to deal, in addition to choosing to collect some amount of pieces of evidence where the photos and therefore the money are included, in such a way that everything we do in this game usually stays connected.
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    Where to get the freezing temperature in Phasmophobia?

     Before moving on to our objective properly speaking about the location of this tool, it is necessary to know where we can find the freezing temperature, and it is that here there is so much similarity to reality, because the breath of our character will show certain obvious options of the low temperature where it will be necessary to choose to give the thermometer the deserved use, which clearly indicates that a ghost has been around these sides, allowing us to understand that it can be an excellent place where it is possible to take pieces of evidence.

     How to use the thermometer in Phasmophobia?

     This is a job that can become interesting and decisive since it can emit a time capable of detecting the temperature throughout the room, which can extend to a radius of 6 meters, and a very low margin of error, to use it it is only necessary to access to the inventory and select the thermometer, in such a way that if we achieve that the temperature has been marked below 0 degrees, it is simply freezing temperature, which allows us to choose to collect the pieces of evidence, in addition to being able to plant some configurations that allow us to collect some additional evidence with the help of a camera, this freezing temperature reduces the possibility of locating some ghosts except for:


    •  Demon.
    • Mare.
    • Yurei.
    • Banshee.
    • Spectrum.

     One way or another, knowing how to use the thermometer is a necessary task at Phasmophobia, and we can give you the best possible use in collecting evidence.

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