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2020-10-14 10:33:45

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Guide to learn how to destroy all dummies in 2 seconds in Genshin Impact

  Genshin Impact has daily missions, so this week you will have to destroy all the dummies in 2 can be difficult to decipher at first, since it is more about solving puzzles than destructive brute force skills. The mannequins are too tough to kill one by one in less than two seconds, but that doesn't mean the challenge is impossible. So in this guide we will show you the correct way to achieve it.
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How to destroy all dummies in 2 seconds in Genshin Impact

The trick to completing this mission is in the writing. Destroying a doll does not mean bringing it from full life to zero, it only means bringing it to zero. As long as all the dummies cross to their deaths at the same time, regardless of what HP they start at, you will see that the challenge is taken as complete.

That being said, to complete the mission you just need to reduce all the dummies to just over zero HP. Once they're all extremely weak, use an attack like Noelle's Sweep Time to hit them all at once. If executed correctly, all the dummies should fall in one fell swoop.

Another method would be to use Amber to reduce the mannequins to around 20 percent of their HP or less, then use her explosive puppet in the center of a group of mannequins. Switch to Lisa and as soon as the puppet explodes, use her area of ​​effect attack in the second set.

 Now that you know how to destroy all the mannequins in 2 seconds in Genshin Impact you can get XP for this and who knows what other additional benefits this mission has. Luck!

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