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Today we bring you a The Sims Mobile guide where we will explain how to get unlimited money

What is the goal of getting unlimited money at The Sims Mobile?

It is clear that money is a fundamental element in video games as much as it is in real life, so it is pertinent to indicate that with money we are allowed to have the possibility of buying some things in order to improve our environment, so knowing how to get unlimited money simply makes us take care of working a little, because as we all know this is a simulation game related to a lifestyle, and this in turn allows us to get ahead in this game that at the same time Over time it has allowed us to entertain ourselves and take advantage of each activity that may be presented to us.

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    How to get unlimited money in The Sims Mobile?

    The possibilities of making money in this game are diverse, here there is no possibility of using cheat codes to get an unlimited amount of money, however, currently there are some hacking options that some players usually use and in this way know How to get unlimited money, however, this is not exactly the most recommended because it can cause us a number of problems.

    Our main objective here is to focus on getting the The Sims Mobile coin and for this it is vital to choose:


    •  Complete all the tasks that are presented to us in the game.
    • Complete the race events present in The Sims Mobile.
    • As we level up a Sim it is possible to get coins.


     Winning SimCash and Simoleans in this game can be done in a fairly easy way for it is necessary:


    •  Take care of completing the daily tasks and make them a priority, as this allows us to have the amount of 3 SimCash, and a package of 200 XP.
    • As we progress, and we get to level up a Sim we are allowed to earn 3 additional SimCash that we can take advantage of.
    • During each week we are presented with the possibility of receiving the amount of 5 tasks, these are usually called "timed missions", the advantage here is that as soon as we manage to complete them we get a SimCash and 200 Simoleans, with this we manage to reach the number of 05 SimCash and 1,000 Simoleans.
    • Viewing ads works as another type of ideal activity to qualify for coins, so knowing how to get unlimited money in this way can be given but in reduced amounts.
    • Buying SimCash can be an option and is done with real money, but it can be very expensive.


     The money can be spent in The Sims Mobile in a moderate way and for this it is vital to manage it, since the most sensible thing is to use it according to our needs in the game, otherwise it is ideal to choose to spend SimCash in a Sim slot because with this we manage to manage another character and thus make it grow.

     In this sense, knowing how allows us to occupy ourselves a little in The Sims Mobile and in this way raise money for actions that truly deserve it.

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