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2024-04-08 09:57:54

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide where we will explain How to Craft Jewelry in Sims 4 precisely.

What to know about making jewelry in Sims 4?

With the arrival of the creation expansion we have the possibility of accessing Humphrey's all-in-one gemology table, allowing players to design and create our own jewelry. To begin, we need to go to Construction mode and buy the table for 650 Simoleons, now to understand How to Craft Jewelry in Sims 4 there are instructions to follow that are present later, let's see them.

How to Craft Jewelry in Sims 4?

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When interacting with the table, we will be presented with a menu with three options: Design, Metal and Glass. These options determine the appearance of our jewelry, whether earrings, rings or necklaces. However, what really matters for our Sims is the crystal we choose. Each crystal has its own unique effects on our Sims, such as improving mental abilities with Sapphire or increasing wealth with Citrine. With a variety of crystals and metals to choose from, the possibilities for creating unique jewelry are endless. In fact, with the Crystal Creations package, we will have the ability to create over 1000 different jewelry variations. It should be noted that materials are required for crafting, so they will have to be purchased separately.

Once we have our jewelry complete, we have several options. We can choose to use it ourselves, sell it for profit, start a collection, or gift it to other Sims. For those of us looking to further hone crafting skills, improving our gemology skills is key. This can be achieved by reading the Gemology skill book and crafting regularly at the Gemology Table. The higher our skill level, the faster we can create stunning pieces of jewelry.

In conclusion, How to Craft Jewelry in Sims 4 is now in our hands. Let's take advantage of our inner creativity and our designs will shine. With the right combination of crystals and metals, jewelry will become truly unique and treasured pieces.

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