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Stardew Valley: How To Make Friends With Leo

2020-12-23 08:36:26

Today we bring you a Stardew Valley guide where we will explain how to befriend Leo.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

With the arrival of update 1.5 in full operation, the different changes such as farm, island, characters, new creatures and much more are present, certainly we see this firstly those that we find on the PC, while other platforms such as consoles and mobiles must wait for the update, be present the gingerbread island, which we will visit we meet Leo, one of the characters that have arrived with the update, he is someone lonely, so our intention is to know How to befriend Leo, then to achieve it you have to follow some tips that come next in this guide.

How to befriend Leo on Stardew Valley?

On Ginger Island we have the local population of parrots play an important role to be able to solve How to befriend Leo, because these are his friends, then we have to go with the parrots, this being our first step to follow, these parrots They have their own currency, it is the Golden Nuts, to obtain them there are multiple options, which range from shaking trees, digging in the ground, fishing, killing monsters and mining in the mine of this island, taking into account that the different activities lead us to obtain the parrot currency, it should be noted that with 100 it is possible to unlock the Qis room and that with the skills tab we will be aware of how many coins we have in Stardew Valley.

Then it is necessary that we take Leo with civilized people, but it is required that our friendship level is in 6 Hearts and in this way he ends up joining us managing to solve How to befriend Leo, then it is necessary to consider Leo's taste for some items, being these the duck feather, mango, ostrich egg and poi, with the update the ostrich was added as a new kind of animal, which leads us to obtain the eggs easily, for the duck feather we have to Easiest to get, because they are cheap to buy for our farm, so if we give these items to Leo at Stardew Valley we will get him to join us.

Finally, now that we know how to befriend Leo we can move on with Stardew Valley.

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