Angel Marquez
2024-04-10 11:02:43

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Today we bring you a guide on How to Unlock More Bobber Styles in Stardew Valley with precise details.

What to know about Bobber styles in Stardew Valley?

With the arrival of update 1.6 of the game we have added a Bobber style machine. This new gadget can be found located in Willy's Fish Shop. A unique feature of this machine is its ability to customize the appearance of the cork used while fishing, the machine will be conveniently located on the beach. We can visit this establishment daily from 9 am to 5 pm, or at any time possessing the Key to the Town object. Upon entering the store, we will see the machine located on the right side of the building. We simply approach and interact to access the Bobber Style menu, now to get an idea of How to Unlock More Bobber Styles in Stardew Valley we have the answers below.

How to Unlock More Bobber Styles in Stardew Valley?

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At the beginning of our journey to Stardew Valley, the Bobber Styles machine will only show the standard white and red bobber. To expand our options, we must focus on catching new varieties of fish. With every two new captures, a new bobber style will be unlocked, making a total of 39 styles. We can achieve this by successfully catching 77 different types of fish, including the newly added Goby, once a new bobber style is unlocked we can equip it using the machine. Alternatively, we can opt for the "Random" option (marked with a dice icon) which will randomize the bobber used each time we launch, allowing us to use all available bobbers in our collection at random.

In conclusion, knowing How to Unlock More Bobber Styles in Stardew Valley is interesting because it gives an additional boost to our fun in such a fast-paced game.

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