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2024-04-10 11:03:29

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We have made an explanatory guide where we will tell you exactly how to get the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley.

What to know about the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley?

This is a machine introduced in Update 1.6, which grants us access to the Forge services at the top of the Volcano Dungeon. This portable version considerably reduces travel time, allowing us to participate in Forge activities without venturing to Ginger Island, which is why it is necessary to know how to get the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley and this is the objective of this guide.

How to get the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley?

We will have to unlock Mini-Forge is one of the advantages of mastering combat, to gain access to this coveted machine, we must first unlock the recipe through the Mastery system introduced in Update 1.6. This system allows us to unlock specialized Mastery Cave Masteries, specifically the Combat Mastery, to obtain and use the Mini-Forge recipe. Once the recipe is unlocked, the next step is to make it, and to do so we require the following materials:

  • 5 Dragon Teeth
  • 10 Iron bars
  • 10 Gold Ingots
  • 5 Iridium bars

Next, we will navigate to the preparation menu, we will look for the Mini-Forge recipe and we will proceed to make it. Once the process is complete, we will place the Mini-Forge in the desired location to comfortably access the machine.

How to use the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley?

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This is a prized acquisition for any avid collection, it plays a crucial role in enhancing our in-game experience, allowing us easy access to the Forge, usually located on the 10th floor of the Volcano Dungeon, this nifty tool offers endless possibilities, such as they are:

  • Improve our weapons.
  •   Love tools.
  • Combine rings.
  • Change the appearance of our weapons.

This is everything you need to know about How to get the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley, so now you can go get it and craft it to use it, this is a very useful tool and you cannot miss it.

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