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Cyberpunk 2077: how to beat Norio Akuhara

2020-12-23 09:10:58

Our path in Cyberpunk 2077 has many tasks and today it is convenient to tell you about how to beat Norio Akuhara

Who is Norio Akuhara in Cyberpunk 2077?

This is nothing more than an extremely dangerous cyberpsychopath, from which it is necessary to watch our backs, so knowing how to defeat Norio Akuhara makes us choose to pay attention to every movement that can be noticed, because defeating him is a vital task and that it is often noticed in the corporate center.

How to beat Norio Akuhara in Cyberpunk 2077?

Our search task begins by talking with Regina to whom we will inform about the existence of a Cyberpsychopath, then it becomes necessary to bend down in order to locate a container that is on the right with some motorcycles, in such a way that it will be important to take a look inside because there are some Mantis swords, we proceed to go out and thus choose to dodge, in addition to dealing with fighting with the katana, in this sense, we are presented with the possibility of fighting Akuhara, the problem is that he usually attacks quickly with a katana, so it is necessary to dodge him and choose to unload a shotgun against him as our best option.

It should be noted that having Quickhacks will be essential and, to our advantage, it tends to weaken a bit, but it is not favorable to get some hand-to-hand combat with it, because the health with the account is higher than ours, this makes us spend other formidable options for which it is important to have a sniper rifle, but not only we will have weapons, because this Cyberpsycho has an assault rifle and will not hesitate to unload it against us, so it is necessary to be as vigilant as possible. Possible especially since this will get covered.

It is necessary to protect ourselves and heal ourselves, in addition to taking care of carrying out this fight from a certain distance, there is the opportunity to deceive him, which will cause him to finally fall, and with this task ready it will only be enough to call Regina to take care of checking his body and get a legendary katana.

In this sense, knowing how to beat Norio Akuhara is an activity that keeps us active and alert in Cyberpunk 2077, our best bet is to live and move forward.

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