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Today we bring you a guide to explain How to get and use the mayor's basement in Stardew Valley.

The Stardew Valley game has a world that offers us an infinite number of plot twists and secrets and with update 6.1 we will be able to cover much more of this. With this update we will be able to go down to the mayor's basement once we know Lewis' darkest secret.

Getting to the mayor's basement is relatively easy, increasing the level of friendship we have with the mayor to at least 2 hearts and creating a ladder. But getting to the basement will only be the beginning of our adventure, since once we reach our destination , we will begin a long journey, along with a battle and new dialogues to discover. But don't worry, the reward will be worth it.

How to get and use the mayor's basement in Stardew Valley

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The seemingly ordinary life in Stardew Valley holds a peculiar secret: the hidden basement beneath Mayor Lewis' manor. Accessing this clandestine area requires befriending the Mayor himself and braving a spooky encounter. Here's a comprehensive walkthrough:

Gaining Lewis' Trust:

The first step is to build a rapport with Mayor Lewis. Talk to him daily and shower him with gifts he appreciates (check the wiki for his preferences). As your friendship blossoms, you'll unlock access to his house, and eventually, his bedroom – crucial for reaching the basement. Aim for at least two hearts of friendship to gain entry.

Crafting the Key and Finding the Hidden Passage:

Once you have Lewis' trust, it's time to craft the key that unlocks the secret passage. Head to Robin's Carpenter Shop and gather 99 Stone to build a Staircase. This seemingly ordinary item holds the key to the extraordinary.

Now comes the exciting part – finding the hidden entrance. Enter Lewis' bedroom and equip the Staircase. Stand strategically in the lower left corner of the bed. If the Staircase transforms into a vibrant green, you've hit the jackpot! Use the Staircase there, and a hidden hatch will reveal the passage leading to the basement.

Navigating the Dark Depths and the Spooky Surprise:

The basement is a labyrinth shrouded in darkness. To avoid getting lost and navigate the twists and turns, prepare a hefty supply of torches – around two dozen should suffice. While the layout itself isn't complex, the true test awaits at the end.

The Lucky Purple Shorts and the Vengeful Ghost:

Reach the heart of the maze and you'll be greeted by a curious sight – a pair of Lucky Purple Shorts. Don't be fooled by their unassuming appearance! Picking them up unleashes a spectral guardian – the vengeful ghost of Purple Shorts. This ghostly entity will chase and inflict damage upon you. Here's the key: don't try to fight back. Focus all your energy on escaping the maze as quickly as possible.

Claiming Your Prize and the Multiple Uses of the Lucky Purple Shorts:

Once you manage to escape the maze and reach the outside world, the ghost will cease its pursuit. Now you can claim your hard-earned prize – the Lucky Purple Shorts. But this unique item is more than just a spooky souvenir. Here are some interesting ways to use them:

  • Stardew Valley Fair: Enter the Lucky Purple Shorts in the Stardew Valley Fair for a cool 750 Star Tokens, a great way to boost your fair earnings.
  • Luau Shenanigans: Feeling mischievous? Add the shorts to the Luau soup and witness some unexpected dialogue unfold between Lewis and the Governor, adding a touch of humor to the festivities.
  • Tailored Look: For the fashion-conscious farmer, the Lucky Purple Shorts can be transformed! Combine them with a Gold Bar at the tailor's and get a stylishly trimmed version of the shorts.
  • A Gift for Lewis: (Optional Spoiler) As you progress through the game and unlock Ginger Island, you can give the Lucky Purple Shorts to Lewis for him to wear there. 

Repeat Encounters and the Allure of the Basement:

The good news is that you can revisit the basement and repeat this process to obtain more Lucky Purple Shorts. Each time, remember the golden rule: grab the shorts and make a swift escape from the vengeful ghost.

With this we conclude our explanatory guide on How to get and use the mayor's basement in Stardew Valley. By following this guide, it will surely be easier for you to complete that part of the game and turn your experience into something more rewarding.

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