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2024-04-10 11:31:17

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As we progress in a game we are allowed to access more objects, let's see How to get fish smoker in Stardew Valley.

What to know about a fish smoker in Stardew Valley?

The Stardew Valley special fish smoker is a custom-made artisanal gadget, introduced in Update 1.6, this allows us to use it by placing fish inside, here the fish will be transformed through the smoking process, amplifying its value and increasing its properties nutritional, so it is necessary to know how to get a fish smoker in Stardew Valley and that is why today we have made this guide.

How to get fish smoker in Stardew Valley?

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There are several methods to obtain the Fish Smoker:

  • Firstly, we can choose Riverland Farm, here we will receive one automatically.
  • The second method is to get the machine as a reward from Lewis's Prize Machine.
  • The third method is the most common and is to buy the Fish Smoker Recipe from Willy for a sum of 10,000g and then build it ourselves.

It is ideal to acquire the recipe during the game, specifically, because it gives us the opportunity to craft the machine when necessary, simplifying the process of setting up various machines on our farm.
What are the materials needed to make the fish smoker recipe in Stardew Valley?

  To create it successfully, we must have the necessary materials ready and they are the following:

  • 10 Hardwood.
  • 1 Sea Jelly
  • 1 River Jelly
  • 1 Cave Jelly

With the fish smoker ready we can place it indoors or outdoors on our farm, as long as the selected location is free of obstructions. By using it, we can transform ordinary fish into smoked fish. This significantly increases its retail value while preserving its quality, and also improves our energy and health restoration by 1.5 (source). Additionally, it is crucial to meet the demands of the raccoon.

In general terms, knowing how to get fish smoker in Stardew Valley allows us to access an interesting and valuable maquia in the game, make the most of it as possible.

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