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2024-04-09 10:24:17

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We are back with our explanatory guides, this time to tell you How to Get the Two Thumbs Up Achievement in Stardew Valley.

What to know about the Two Thumbs Up achievement in Stardew Valley?

It is important that in order to unlock the cinema structure necessary to access this achievement we have completed all the main missions of the game, starting from this we can solve How to Get the Two Thumbs Up Achievement in Stardew Valley and for what we have to do let's consider the following explanation, let's see.

How to Get the Two Thumbs Up Achievement in Stardew Valley?

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It is necessary that we see a movie in the cinema. This achievement can be achieved alone, with companions in cooperative mode, or with an NPC. No matter which of the eight available movies we choose, regardless of the season or time of day, to get a movie ticket, we will visit the Cinema receptionist and pay 1,000g. These tickets can also be given to other characters as an invitation to watch a movie with us. If accepted, they will meet us at the theater on the same day. However, if you do not arrive at the agreed time, they will not appear again.

How to unlock the cinema for the Two Thumbs Up achievement in Stardew Valley?

To establish the cinema in Pelican Town, we must complete the community center packages or pay for all JojaMart community improvements. If we choose the Community Center path, we will have to complete a final package (The Lost Package) for the Juminos to build the Cinema. On the other hand, if we go the Joja route, it is necessary that we make a payment of 500,000g to the company to build the theater, now for the missing package we must consider the following:

  • Any high quality or better Silver Wine: We will use a barrel to create wine and then age it in a barrel to increase its quality.
  • Dinosaur mayonnaise: we place a dinosaur egg in the mayonnaise machine.
  • Prismatic Fragment: We get one on the lower floors of the mines, in the Skull Cavern or inside an Omnigeode.
  • Empty salmon (gold or iridium quality): we caught one fishing in the witches swamp.
  • Caviar: We process the sturgeon eggs in a mason jar.
  • Ancient Fruit (Gold or Iridium): We craft the seed from an Ancient Seed Artifact and will plant it in any season except winter.

In this way we reach the end of our guide on How to Get the Two Thumbs Up Achievement in Stardew Valley, all that remains is to apply what is indicated to continue progressing.

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