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Angel Marquez
2020-09-23 19:53:18

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We welcome you to our Destiny 2 guide where we will talk about How to transfer an account to Steam from Battle.net.

Why transfer an account to Steam from Battle.net at Destiny 2?

It is necessary that we do so to be able to unlock future expansions such as Shadowkeep, on Steam we will be able to find more features, including the creation of our own group of friends and a chat with which it is possible to make invitations within the game, almost all content will be moved to Steam, for this there are no restrictions, here will be our weapons and armor in the new account, including cosmetics, achievements and more, this means how necessary it is to know how to transfer an account to Steam from Battle .net and in the next content will be the answers, let's see it.

How to transfer an account to Steam from Battle.net at Destiny 2?

It is a process that started well in advance, in which there are some reports of problems when doing so, these have to do with the loss of data or some missing elements, but with the help of the developer, solutions have been reached, for to make the transfer we have to do the following:
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It is necessary that we go to Bungie.net, here we must click on the top right for the PC Move Page and we have to put our mail later.

We check the details that exist in Battle.net, this in relation to our character and other content, then we will go to the bottom to accept

Then we will enter the Steam link and we will be taken to the page where we log in, we will do it and wait for the process to complete

With the execution of the above mentioned steps, everything must be correct and we will be in Steam, it is important to note that if we do not have an account here, we must create it first and then follow the steps mentioned, it is necessary that the two-step verification is active to that this is safe, from the Steam library it will be necessary for us to install and download the game, what we will then do is verify the data to continue playing, it is important that our account is active to prevent any errors from occurring .

In conclusion, knowing how to transfer an account to Steam from Battle.net is excellent because we can enjoy the future features that such transfer will bring in the future for Destiny 2.

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